FIFA 19 New Celebration Videos Leaked Despite Embargo

Very recently FIFA 19 held its beta and held it up high, from the looks of it fans surely have fewer things to be disappointed about, which is a good sign. Also, it is a good time as well to reveal, whatever the fans have gathered from the Beta.

You guys would know that this closed beta was under embargo which as you can see, was not able to stop the images and video from being leaked.

In the leaked videos we have, Jesse Lingard doing the Milly Rock dance, which does seem pretty accurate. Then we have a video that shows Pogba doing the Billy Dance. We can also see that Kylian Mbappé now has his unique, folded arms celebration in the game.

So these are some of the leaked FIFA 19 celebrations, however, there has been a humorous fallout as well. It seems like Lingard is not too happy with his haircut in the game. He recently took to his official Twitter account and said:

Can you change my haircut now please had the same trim on your game for 99 years

Talking about leaks, very recently FIFA 19 Ultimate team icons got leaked as well, in fact, scratch that even, have you head about the new mode that has recently been spotted? FIFA 19 House Rules mode which actually seems really promising.

Unfortunately little is known about this mode, so EA has yet to reveal what this new House Rules mode is all about. So all of these leaks and rumors add to one thing and one thing only, and that is the hype. The excitement for FIFA 19 is pretty much at its peak since we are only one month away from the final game, there is no stopping to it now.

Having said that let’s hope that some of the concerns of the fans get addressed in the final version of the game. Be that as it may, what are your thoughts on FIFA 19 celebration dances? Let us know in the comments below.