We Happy Few Achievements Guide – Unlock All Trophies

This We Happy Few Achievements Guide highlights all the possible accomplishments that you can obtain as a result of grinding certain parts of the game. Below, you will find information for how to unlock each of the Trophy/Achievement in the game. Since not all will be self-explanatory, you may find some trouble, so use our We Happy Few Achievements Guide to your advantage.

We Happy Few Achievements

We will cover these Achievements sequentially and according to the priority first. So since Story-Related Trophies are easier to obtain and would be your first attempt through the game, we will be covering those first.

The Downer

The first one that you will be getting is when you complete the intro for Arthur’s perspective of the story. Simply wait for a cutscene to appear and the Achievement will pop up.

Mother of All Victories

When you head to the train station, this is where your first main objective would be. Completing the ‘A Scottish Play’, you will receive the ‘Band of Brothers’ quest from the military base. Get done with this to acquire the Trophy.

Not in Kansas Any More

When the story takes you to the Village during the ‘Oh! Behave” quest, you will eventually have to succeed in a trivia before you can gain entry to the next area. Here you will see the Achievement pop up.

That Kind of Game

Cannot be missed, you will be able to obtain the credentials of the club.


Cannot be missed, you managed to make it to every island in the game.

The Arthur Hastings

You managed to play through the campaign for Arthur at least once

Breaking Blackberry

Finish the intro for the other character in the story, Sally.

The Sally Boyle

Managed to play through the campaign for Sally at least once.

Bon Voyage

Finish the intro for the third character’s story, Ollie.

The Ollie Starkey

Complete through the campaign of Ollie.

The Great Lubricator

Cannot be missed, part of the story. You will have to deliver cod liver oil.

The Slaughter’s Apprentice

For this Trophy, you will need to complete all of the optional quests that you acquire from the butcher’s apprentice.

The Wyrd Sisters

You managed to complete the Crone’s encounter.

Miss Byng is Indisposed

You managed to complete the ‘No Place like Home’ encounter.

Get the Float Out of Here

You managed to complete the ‘The Jack-o-Bean Club’ encounter.

Arthur Haste-ings

This marks the end of Arthur’s story. When you head outside, you need to move to a door that is highlighted by the marker in game. Use a power cell and a key card to unlock this door. Here, use the vending machine to purchase Phlash for $4 and consume it to see the Achievement pop up.

Snug as a Bug on a Drug

This triggers the secret ending along with the Achievement. All you have to do, is right at the beginning of Arthur’s story, ignore the moments that are coming back to you, and instead, take the Joy drug.

Employee of the Month

When you first get the ability to censor parts of the newspapers as Arthur, you have to follow this order on the three newspapers at the beginning of the game. Approve the first one and third one, while censoring the second one

Enjoy the View

In the early moments of the game, you will be able to head to the Clive’s Redactor machine behind a door. Here, you will find three articles of which you will have to approve the first one and censor the rest of the two articles.

The Saint

For this Achievement, you will need to go through the entire game without killing anyone ‘directly’ in the process. What this means is that scripted cut-scenes and accidental murders which arise as a part of what you did earlier, do not count. Just do not use violence to deal with people.

Shocking Biology

Eliminate Ryan Andrews.

The Importance of Not Being Seen

You were able to play through the Mystery House without being seen even once.

Gimme Shelter

Gain access to all of Arthur’s shelters.

I Got Better

Be able to find the cure for the plague and apply it to get rid of the disease.

Now I Can Die Happy

In a particular point in the game, you will have access to the red phone booths where you will be able to indulge in all your Joy addiction fantasies. You simply need to head to these booths three times so you can take the Joy pill thrice. With this overdose, move over the edge of the map or off a cliff to die happily ever after.

Resistance is Futile

In the ‘Old Soldiers’ quest, you will eventually make your way into an attic. Here you will find a radio which you can answer to speak with Johnny. Thus, you will unlock the Achievement by answering the radio in this Secret Radio Room.

The Toxic Ex

Finish your conversation with Verloc who you will meet at the Joy Factory.

A Heavy Burden

You successfully managed to spread the message.

Our Prudent Friend

Your goal is to listen to all 12 conversations over the phone at any of the desks. Once you come across one, make sure there is a bed nearby for sleeping. Each time you sleep, exit the location and come back, you will be able to listen to a different conversation. Do this 12 times to get the Achievement.

Cat Burglar

For this one, collect statues of all cats riddled around the world. These can be found in Thomasina House and in St. George Holm village.

Remember, Remember

Collect all the glowing and floating masks or ‘flashback collectibles’ riddled around the world.

You Do Know Jack

Acquire all shows belonging to Uncle Jack riddled around the world.

Hot on her Heels

Find notes related to Prudence riddled around the world.


Now, these final ones are what you will be getting if you play the game long enough. Some may require multiple playthroughs but you cannot achieve something without a decent grind.

  • Eliminated 100 NPCs in total
  • Managed to earn £1,000 be it from loots or bargaining.
  • Survived for 50 days straight.
  • Eliminated 50 NPCs with the Atomizer. This counts towards the ‘Eliminated 100 NPCs’ Achievement.
  • Consume glucose via an injection to your body. Do this 10 times for the Achievement.
  • Playing as Ollie, use the lightning rod for a total of 25 times.
  • With Sally’s net, catch 40 butterflies.

This is all we have in our We Happy Few Achievements Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!