Pokemon Nintendo Switch Games Leaked Other Than Let’s Go and RPG

New Pokemon Nintendo Switch games seem to have been leaked by Amazon. The details shared online ended the speculation about any new Pokemon Nintendo Switch games coming out before the highly anticipated Pokemon Let’s Go. The leaks suggest that not one but two 3DS Pokemon Nintendo Switch games are in the queue for release.

The news broke the internet when the Twitter account “CrocOclock” posted pictures along with the caption:

Amazon UK has listings of several #NintendoSwitch titles (up to no.30) that states “Just Announced at the Nintendo Switch event” & includes 2 Pokemon 3DS titles for Switch. Could be old/ mistake/ error, & it could mean a #NintendoDirect is coming soon with several announcements.

Nintendo had previously declared that they work working on a “core Pokemon RPG” following the announcement of Pokemon Let’s Go. At the moment the two 3DS Nintendo Switch games are known to be Title 23 and Title 30. Even the appearance of Diamond and Pearl are being reported even though a full RPG is not expected anytime soon. However, the release of limited rogue-lites being well taken by the audience point towards the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon being finally featured in the Pokemon Nintendo Switch Games. The reason behind the effectiveness of this addition is that it wouldn’t make much of an impression on the flagship Pokemon title.

Without any official endorsement of this news from Nintendo all remains nothing but speculation. Nonetheless, the new Pokemon Nintendo Switch Games would surely turn in a lot of profit at this time for the publishers as Pokemon games seem to be on a roll globally. Any Pokemon title would do just fine for the fans of this franchise.

Check out how the 2019 title could let you take Pokemon from Let’s Go. Previously, publishers announced games before for the same console which supported multiplayer. However, it’s not the first time the franchise is facing leaks.

Source: GameRevolution