Nvidia Quadro RTX And “RED” Removes “8K Bottleneck” In Video Playback And Processing

Nvidia has finally revealed its Turing architecture based Quadro RTX 8000, RTX 6000 and RTX 5000 GPUs capable of Real-time Ray Tracing. However, that is not the only thing these Nvidia Quadro RTX GPUs are capable of as Nvidia has noted that these GPUs can process 8K videos in real-time.

According to Nvidia, the upcoming Nvidia Quadro RTX GPUs in partnership with RED Digital Cinema, a manufacturer of 8K cameras, have solved 8K bottleneck and significantly improve the workflow for video editors.

You must be thinking that 8K is a bit too much since we don’t have 8K monitors yet and we don’t record or watch videos on 8K.

However, Nvidia has noted that with Nvidia Quadro RTX GPUs supporting 8K video processing in real-time it will give players more choices while editing or in post-production.

There’s more flexibility for image stabilization, or panning and zooming to reframe a shot without losing image quality in the final [4K] delivery format. For visual effects, high resolution can provide more detail for tracking or keying. Downsampling high-resolution video can help reduce noise as well as maintain a high level of quality.

Nvidia Quadro RTX GPUs combine its RTX cores with AI that helps users significantly and according to RED CEO Jarred Land, AI upscaling with help video editors and will provide the best possible result.

We expect there to be headroom in the decode performance to allow for effects layers as well in real-time, depending on your system specs. Editors will gain from new functionality like AI-enabled upscaling, which will let them intermix archival footage or zoom in beyond 8K resolution with the best possible results.

Not only that, Red has also hinted that this real-time 8K video processing will also be available for consumer-level Nvidia GPUs which Nvidia is yet to announce.

According to Nvidia, these Nvidia Quadro RTX GPUs are the most important innovation in over a decade.

Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000, Quadro RTX 6000 and Quadro RTX 5000 GPUs will be available in the Q4 of 2018.

Speaking of Nvidia, it is yet to announce its next-gen gaming GPUs but seems like things are about to change as Nvidia will be announcing its RTX 2080 next week.

Also, if the leaked e-mail from Nvidia is any indication then we will be seeing the release of GTX 1180 or RTX 2080 by the end of August.

As for the rest of the GPU lineup, GTX 1170 and mysteriously named GTX 1180+ will be available on September 30th and the GTX 1160 will launch a month after that.

Source: Nvidia