Monster Hunter: World Arch-Tempered Teostra Guide – How To Defeat, Rewards

Having trouble with the new version of Tempered Teostra? Our Monster Hunter: World Arch-Tempered Teostra Guide is here to help. Below we discuss the characteristics including weaknesses of the new monster, so to help you in bringing it down without losing your temper like the monster, get it?

Monster Hunter: World Arch-Tempered Teostra

Firstly, to acquire the quest titled ‘The Scorn of the Sun’, you should be having a Hunter Rank of 50 or more. If you have not reached that then do not worry, you can complete other quests to receive enough experience to level up.

You can check out from the ‘Events’ menu quite many quests. The main quest for Arch-Tempered Teostra itself is valid until 23rd August.

What Makes Arch-Tempered Teostra such a Threat?

Like its Teostra and Tempered Teostra versions, it carries the same HP but has stronger attacks dealing more damage. It also has a greater mobility and strength compared to the regular Teostra.

Owing to its quickness and sharp senses in battle, the monster can perform the Super Nova attack which is quite difficult to dodge. Quick reflexes are required or if you are the daring one, sprint enough to get as far away from the beast as possible.

Furthermore, it can use Black Powder to surround itself and use it to unleash deadly and explosive Fire attacks. For eliminating the burn status effect, roll along the ground three times or consume a Nulberry.

Its melee attacks are quite strong as well when it attacks both from the front via its claws, and the back using its tail.

Defeating the Arch-Tempered Teostra

A good weapon for use can be Devastation’s Thorns. It boasts strong charge attacks including the Elderseal attribute which can whittle down the monster’s health quite effectively and remove the black powder around it.

For Augmentation, to keep on the safe side, use something like the ‘Regeneration’. For armor slot items, vitality and steadfast jewels are the way to go. Health boost comes into play because of the continuous attacks of the monster.

The Steadfast jewels will make sure you do not get staggered or stunned easily because of its attacks. Even a couple of explosive attacks can stun you if you are not very careful, so go with these jewels.

Other ones like the ‘Charger’ jewel can help you maximize focus attack damage. For armor pieces, it will be fitting if you went with the Bazel Helm, Damascus Mail, Bazel Coil, Drachen Vambraces and Dante’s boots for the optimal result.

Using a Greatsword something like the ‘Wyvern Ignition ‘Impact’ coupled with Elementless Jewel 2 increases the damage output of the weapon making it easier to survive in the fight with the Teostra.

Aim for the vulnerable spots on the body of the creature. These are the tail, wings, and head of the beast. Stun can also mount up if you keep striking at these weak points.

The Fireproof Mantle and Temporal Mantle are both good choices since these will nullify the fire and burn effects from the environment or the creature’s attack to a certain extent.

Additionally, having a high-level resistance to fire on your armor will also benefit you when it comes to taking less damage. You can also use Cool Drinks so you do not get too troubled regarding your HP because of fighting in the lava-soaked area.

Reward for Hunting down the Arch-Tempered Teostra

The materials gained from the loot will help you upgrade your standard Teostra armor to its Gamma version. The armor boosts certain qualities like critical strikes to go up by almost 95% and rate of stamina depletion is decreased.

It will also help you obtain the Layered version of Dante’s armor. Make sure you have already completed the ‘Code Red’ quest to obtain two Red Orbs. Now head to the Resource center and cash in the Teostra tickets, Teostra Gamma armor components, and the Red orbs to get the Layered Dante’s armor.

This is all we have in our Monster Hunter: World Arch-Tempered Teostra Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!