IGN Removing More Plagiarized Content of Filip Miucin

Justin Davis, the Editorial Manager at IGN has expressed his disappointment while sharing his viewpoint on the whole controversy created by the Filip Miucin plagiarism. Davis admitted that the Filip Miucin’s plagiarism made him feel betrayed.

Davis further revealed checking for plagiarism, Miucin’s work is being removed altogether by IGN. It seems the publication wants nothing to do with this person.

IGN’s editorial manager revealed these details via Twitter, posting only a few hours ago:

To those asking – All of the author’s scripted bylined content is being proactively removed for now, regardless of whether it was found to have an issue. Some of it may be restored later, some important coverage may be redone by other writers, and much of it will remain offline.

We are not sure as of now about who will be listed to rewrite these pieces. However, IGN is not going to take this situation lightly and is now going to try and be one step ahead. Davis  also posted a day earlier about his feeling through a tweet on the Filip Miucin Plagiarism issue:

Deeply disappointed and upset that it’s looking more and more likely that we unwittingly hosted work that was directly lifted from or at best heavily derived from others. I assure you we are taking very active steps to remove it all, and make it right. I feel betrayed.

IGN acted sharply on the controversy by firing the culprit and removing the Dead Cells review instantly. The former employee, on the other hand, is not having the best day right now as his previous work was also found to be plagiarized.

This puts a major question mark on his career.  The entire Fili Miucin plagiarism controversy has been quite the nightmare even for IGN but the publication handled the situation as well as they could. But how deep does the rapid hole goes when it comes to Filip’s plagiarized work?