Fortnite Pump Shotgun Getting Buffed In Next Update

Fortnite requires a lot of skill to get that Victory Royale and weapons play a big role while going for it. Shotguns in the game are most popular and useful during close range gun-fights so Epic Games keeps rebalancing them and that is going to happen once again next week.

There have been a lot of changes to shotguns and Eric Williamson, design lead for Epic Games, has Tweeted that the next update will rebalance Fortnite Pump Shotgun. Fortnite v5.30 update is coming next week which is going to reduce the equip time for Pump Shotgun and make it fun as it was before.

It’s a good move after they made the Tactical shotgun almost useless by decreasing its damage a lot so finally, we will be able to get some close range kills without using an SMG like Drum Gun. Other shotguns like (double barrel, heavy and tactical) will be untouched.

As for the new weapons, the Heavy sniper is finally coming after being rumored for some time. It was officially revealed by Epic Games through in-game “New Updates” section. What makes this weapon special is the ability to take down heavy structures which would be a nightmare for someone hiding in a building.

Another good news if you an Android user is that Fortnite is finally available for you. You can start playing Fortnite exclusively on Samsung mobile devices starting with S7 and up to the latest Note 9. If you have some other Android device, you will have to register.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 5 challenges are now also available and you can complete them to earn some exclusive rewards.

Epic Games is working really hard to deliver a balanced gameplay and we can’t for the next update to arrive to start reusing shotguns once again.

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