Dying Light 2 Open World Will Be Empowering For Players

Techland’s Adrian Ciszewski and developer Chris Avellone said that the upcoming Dying Light 2 Open World will bring so many choices, in the game that players will feel very much empowered.

Avellone said that the players will have hundreds of choices which they will be able to make throughout the game’s open world that they themselves, will feel a proper command as an individual in the open world.

Now while Avellone has promised hundreds of choices to the fans, Techland’s chief creative officer Adrian Ciszewski said:

We didn’t count the number of choices we can do, because it’s really systemic. He further said that “We’re thinking about choices and consequences as a gameplay, as a narrative sandbox – not just picking a dialogue choice in a cutscene and branching the story”.

Elaborating further about the choices in Dying Light 2 Open World, he also said that when players will make choices, they will not be aware of the impact of those choices. So the impact will be spontaneous and because of that very reason, players will feel empowered in this open world.

It seems to be that the devs have been working pretty hard on this upcoming game. Like if you have played the first Dying Light, you would know that AI in that game was not too great but this time, Techland seems to be stepping up a notch. Moreover, the previous sequel used the Chrome Engine while for Dying Light 2, Techland is using a new C- Engine.

So what we can gather is that the devs are serious about changing and bringing new things, into this upcoming sequel and of course one the biggest change they could add to Dying Light 2 Open World, is to bring it closer to reality.

Furthermore, as you may know, that stamina in Dying Light is a very important aspect and recently, devs have assured fans that the stamina management in this upcoming game, will be very different than its predecessor. In fact, players will have to utilize the stamina very smartly.

So what this also tells us that the open world is not only huge but the choices, we will make shall really determine us as an individual player.

Still, fingers are pretty much crossed, unless and until we check out the game in its final version. With all that said, what are your thoughts about Dying Light 2 Open World? Let us know in the comments below.