AMD CEO Lisa Su Sold 65,472 AMD Shares, Hottest Stock Of 2018

AMD CEO Lisa Su sold 65,472 AMD shares that account for $1,253,134.08. The sale was legit and has been recorded by the SEC. The transaction took place on Friday, August 10th. AMD has been one of the best stock options in 2018 and it has been growing since the start of the year. Analysts predict that AMD share price could increase by another 12%.

The numbers that analysts previously predicted regarding the performance of the company were pretty low and AMD was able to beat them. AMD has also brought the competition to Intel in the CPU market and the new Threadripper series now comes with up to 32 cores and 64 threads. AMD CEO Lisa Su has already confirmed that the 7nm chips will be sampled this year and will be on the shelves in 2019, so the chips coming out in the upcoming months will be even better. The following is what she had to say in this regard:

At the 2018 Taipei International Computer Show, we showcased the industry’s superior CPU and GPU portfolio, how to become more powerful in the coming months. Our upcoming 7nm and 12nm products Based on and continuing the strong development of our Radon, Radeon and Opteron products, AMD will be positioned as the next generation of high performance computing leader in high-end devices, games, machine learning and data centers.

She also mentioned that the AMD Ryzen CPUs are the best on the market right now that they are getting better. AMD has been working on providing proper support for hardware since these products have hit the market and the company has been able to keep that promise. AMD CEO Lisa Su mentioned the following:

Great to see the enthusiasm around 2nd gen AMD Ryzen from our fans! One of my favorite quotes from PCWorld – “In the battle of Intel and AMD’s flagship processors, the clear winner today is the Ryzen 7 2700X.” Very proud of the AMD team – the best is getting better.

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