Spiderman PS4 New Launch Trailer Promises A Comic Book Action

A brand new Spiderman PS4 new launch trailer has been released and it seems to promise one thing for sure, among many other things that it will bring in, a pitch-perfect comic book feel for Spiderman comic book fans.

In the newly surfaced Spiderman PS4 trailer, we see Peter Parker as Spiderman meeting up with Miles Morales, following that some amazing swing byes in the traffic, we can see him atop a car, which is en route on the freeway.

We also got to see some brief glimpses of Sinister Six, apart from that this trailer highlights some of the key aspects in terms of cinematic moments, which imply that Insomniac is very keen on making sure that this upcoming Spiderman PS4 game does not disappoint the Comic Book fans. All the while keeping intact, the gaming and PS4 audience.

This upcoming game is expected to tell the kind of original story that has not been explored in any of the prior releases, with so many unique roles, performed by very talented artists alongside other aspects, the devs seem to have pushed the hype bar a little too high. Let us hope that this atop hype bar, does not drop down.

However, after seeing this trailer, you will have a certainty of this game to be a disappointment. Talking about this game to not be a disappointment, creative director Bryan Intihar in an interview shared the inspiration of this game.

He said that Insomniac Game’s Sunset Overdrive has helped the devs redesign New York City. As you may know that Sunset had a really complex geometry and advanced elements, so the studio has had a great help using that game, as a form of physical and spiritual inspiration from it.

For the Batman Arkham fans, Bryan Intihar has also assured that Spiderman PS4 will certainly level up to Batman Arkham Legacy standards, and perhaps exceed expectations.

Let us hope that turns out to be the case. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.