Doom Eternal Single Player DLC Planned By Id Software, Says Marty Stratton

Doom in 2016 got a lot of critical acclaim for its story and gameplay when it first came out. However, post-launch, its multiplayer, which many reviewers criticize as being unnecessary and mediocre, ended up getting all of the DLC. However, now Doom Eternal single player DLC will be coming when the game releases.

The news comes from game director Marty Stratton at QuakeCon, who said that we’d absolutely be getting post-game Doom Eternal single player DLC for Doom Eternal. He even said that if he had the opportunity to go back and do something different, he would give more campaign DLC to the original Doom game.

Doom Eternal has a lot of promise from what we’ve seen in the game’s QuakeCon footage. In addition to more locations to visit and what looks like a much deeper story, we’ll also be getting new demons to brutally kill and new weapons to use. Along with that, iD Software also showed us a large amount of environmental concept art, along with one in-game location of a city that looks like it’s on another world.

The previous Doom game had shown us through various snippets of its in-game codex and other documents that there was a lot more lore behind the game this time around. The Doom Marine, this time, is known as the Doom Slayer, a being from another world called Argent D’Nur who after the fall of his world went on an unstoppable rampage against the forces of Hell until he was finally trapped and locked in a coffin. Now he’s out, and he’s pissed.

There’s no telling what the Doom Eternal single player DLC might be, but Stratton has said that he wants people to be able to come back to the game and play through it again, or play the DLC, or do more Invasions, another game mechanic that we saw at QuakeCon where you can play as a demon and invade another player’s game.

Doom Eternal will be coming out for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC likely sometime in 2019.