Treyarch Teasing Something About Black Ops 4, Blackout Mode Perhaps?

It’s been less than a day since we got to play our last match in Black Ops 4 after the multiplayer Beta of the game came to an end. Just after saying thanks to the fans for the feedback and ending the beta, Treyarch has already started to tease something new about Black Ops 4.

This was found on TwitterTreyarch’s and David Vonderhaar’s account as they all shortly changed their display pictures to something interesting. The new picture contains a symbol taken from Black Ops 4, revealing a skull.

Though it’s very hard to figure out what this all actually means but our guess is that it is for the upcoming Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta. Blackout mode in Black Ops 4 is the next Beta scheduled by Treyarch and will be available to us in September. Other than that it could mean something else, maybe a new mode or something related to perk systems, possibilities are endless.

If you did get a chance to play Black Ops4 multiplayer Beta then our friendly advice to you is to not delete the game as it will automatically turn into Blackout Betain September so you will not have to download it all over again.

Black Ops 4 Beta also gave us the first look at the latest mode in Call Of Duty games, called Heist. In this mode, two teams will have to locate a bag full of cash and deliver to the extraction point afterwards. Also, players will have limited lives and you also have the ability to revive your teammates for the first time which is really fun and competitive.

As for the reviews, people had some mixed responses to the game and we saw that influencers were really not happy with the new changes in the game.

Black Ops 4 is scheduled to release on October 12, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Thanks, Dualshockers