Total Consoles Sold By Nintendo To Date Combine Up To 700 Million

Although this should not come as much of a shocker, still, when you take a look at the total consoles sold by Nintendo to date your jaw should certainly drop. Nintendo has sold over 700 million units up till now.

Yes, this is the total sum of all the figures for every console the company has sold so far, which includes, NES
SNES, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo Switch, totaling up to about 300.54 million units. While when we add the total sum of handhelds units sold, things significantly changed.

Considering the portable consoles of Nintendo Game Boy (and Game Boy Color), Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS we find our selves with 427.11 million units in total.

So summing up all the final figures we get a 727.65 million units in total. Which is pretty a pretty remarkable achievement for Nintendo.

With all that said, let us spare a few thoughts on some of the most recent consoles and what all this means, for the company in terms of future prospects.

Did you know that for the month of June, Nintendo’s NES Classic was the best selling console, which left behind even Nintendo Switch, let alone PS4 and Xbox One.

Apart from all that have you noticed how Nintendo has been making a few changes lately, like launching Nintendo Switch Online feature in September and such. It seems to reason that Nintendo is set, on increasing the sales of Nintendo Switch.

Bets are the company plans to take over the sales of Xbox One or reach as much close as it can, before the next-gen console rolls out. Currently, Nintendo Switch is reported to have sold about 17.79 million units globally, while Xbox One is expected to have sold about 30 million.

Having said that, what are your thoughts on the total consoles sold by Nintendo? Let us know in the comments below.