Shadow of The Tomb Raider New Trailer Shows Some Brutal Takedowns

We are closer than ever to the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and there’s a lot of new information we have got to know from the recent trailers of the game.

Square Enix wants to avoid major spoilers so they always bring us some screenshots and short trailers to keep us excited. The latest trailer from Square Enix shows us Lara Croft in action as she performs many takedowns using her melee weapons on the members of the Trinity.

Take down trailer shows us some brutal takedowns being performed by Lara Croft using her environment. Takedowns include death from above, while climbing, stealth takedowns, from underwater and more.

Other than that, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider will provide us with a lot of puzzles, stealth, and open combat. You can also watch the trailer here to know how much detailed the world really is in the game.

You can watch the takedown trailer below and play Shadow of the Tomb Raider when it finally releases on September 18 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.