PUBG Xbox One Update 18 Bringing New Features and Improvements

The upcoming patch 18 for PUBG Xbox One is presently free to download to test the changes made in the game on PTS (Public Test Server) for every owner of the battle royale game. Bluehole is trying out the modifications before the PUBG Xbox One Patch 18 goes live on the open servers. This patch is going to feature bullet penetration, dynamic weather, and many other improvements as well.

The first new feature to be included in the Patch 18 for PUBG Xbox One is the system upgrade of bullet penetration. From now on, the bullets would penetrate through the forearm as well. After the bullet shoots past the forearm it would it would follow its course.

This now means that body parts like the head, waist, or torso are penetrable even if the bullet hits after coming through the forearm. The amount of damage is going to increase with this feature. So, blocking a bullet with your arm is not going to help as this would generate the damage of a headshot.

Furthermore, the open world of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is getting the feature of dynamic weather. Erangel has been given the Overcast weather option in PUBG Xbox ONe Patch 18. The Overcast weather will have rain, fog, etc. in the course of the game.

For Miramar, along with Overcast, Sunset will also be available. Erangel has also got some additional improvements which include making landscape by the river more strategic, bunch of houses added in various areas, and trees around the Sosnovka Military Base. Similarly, dirt roads have been included in Miramar for vehicular smoothness. The high-slope segments have been dropped down for the same reason in PUBG Xbox Patch 18.

To improve the performance of the game, smoke and flames have been amended to enhance the frame rate. In addition to that, PUBG Xbox One Patch 18 has drastically optimized the performance of the game. These improvements are explained fully in the patch notes on the website. The aim movement synchronization in the Spectate Mode has been well aligned also.

The latest patch has been known to bring stability to the game, hence the expectations are at least the same from the PUBG Xbox One Patch 15.

Getting on the passenger seat by accident would also not happen now, thanks to PUBG Xbox One Patch 15, which reminds of reports suggesting a new vehicle could also join. Here’s hoping that PUBG Xbox One Patch 18 exceed the performance improvements made in Patch 17.