Anthem Co-Op, Loot, Missions And More

Anthem executive Producer Mark Darrah is always busy answering questions and he has revealed some more information regarding the Co-Op play, loot and more.

Mark Darrah has revealed through Twitter that loot will drop instantly and each player will get his own as it’s not going to be shared, similar to Destiny and The Division.

Anthem can be played with up to four players and you can also play it solo if you want but if you want to do Strongholds, you’ll need a squad of four people.

There will be matchmaking options available so it won’t be an issue if you have one player less in the squad. If you complete a mission with your group, you will be linked even if you go back to your base which makes it easier for you to stick to your squad after each mission by avoiding recreating party every time.

Everyone can create different freelancers using the same account, meaning you will not be limited to one as you can switch and play the way you want. At last, gear will be specific to each kind of Javelin but it can be used through multiple loadouts.

BioWare is really confident about the success of Anthem and if it turns out to be a failure, they will not shutdown which is a good news for the fans of Mass Effect and Dragon Age as there are several secret projects in work.

It’s definitely¬†going to be fun trying out the game and different Javelins but we hope it keeps us engaged for a long time and will not turn out to be a copy of Destiny which everyone is expecting it to be.