Fallout 76 Avoiding Steam Doesn’t Mean The Same For Others

Very recently we came to know that Fallout 76 won’t be launching on Steam, which got fans wondering about the intentions Bethesda has for of leaving all of their future games, from Steam as well. Well, you can have a little faith that Fallout 76 avoiding steam, does not entirely mean the same for all other Bethesda games.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines said that when they announced Fallout 76 to not launch on Steam, they were not referring to all other future games. They were exclusively referring this to Fallout 76.

We did not announce ‘all future Bethesda games will not be on Steam’. That is not what we said. We said ‘this game will be available exclusively on Bethesda.net.

Hines talking about Fallout 76 avoiding steam in an interview, being exclusively available on Bethesda.Net, arose one of the biggest concerns that what does it mean, for the future games?

Well considering what Hines has said, fans can at least be sure that not all future games will leave Steam. However, in the long term, it does seem to suggest that eventually, Bethesda will completely move away from Steam.

Also, talking about Doom Eternal, Hines said that the publisher has not decided whether to launch it on Steam or not. So fingers are crossed on that one, this too seems to imply that in the long run, Bethesda may have different plans.

However, Fallout 76 avoiding steam still does not imply much, perhaps for the next few years at least.

Stating the reason for shifting Fallout 76 on Bethesda.Net Hines said.

We have found very good successes in having those direct relationships with customers, and not been able to see those same benefits when we work through somebody else. And so, specific for Fallout 76, we are going to try this because we think it will give us the best chance to do right by our customers.

Once again, Bethesda is making sure that they are on top of every aspect of Fallout 76, to not be a disappointment for the fans. All this provided the fact that although the company says that its multiplayer will be unexpected, the company seems a little confused or perhaps afraid about it.

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