Tencent Releases PUBG Lite for Low Budget/Older Android Devices

PUBG mobile is a great way to experience Battle Royale fun on your mobile devices but for those who have older or low budget devices, Tencent has done an amazing job to provide the experience. PUBG will no longer need to run on flagship devices as you can now play it on low tier devices with PUBG Lite.

Originally, PUBG required a phone to have Android Jelly Bean 4,3 or higher with 35 MB storage but if you ran it at a lower end device then you were open to various problems including insane frame rate drop, lack of content, and it’s almost unplayable.

Thanks to Tencent, PUBG Lite is designed especially for less powerful devices. Interestingly, the game is the same as the original one but the only differences are that you will be able to play with only 40 players as compared to 100 on the original version of the game.

The map is also smaller which makes it easy for the devices to render graphics as there are few otherwise the game looks the same. The game is only available in the Philippines but if you are somewhere else then you can download it from an APK file.

PUBG mobile is doing great and it marked 10 million daily users in the game recently. Tencent seems to be busy making PUBG mobile available for all the players as they have also released an official PUBG emulator for PC offering the same experience of the mobile game but on your computer.

Tencent Mobile is doing a great job as compared to Epic Games which has launched Fortnite finally on some Android devices and you do need some heavy hardware to be able to play Fortnite mobile, unlike PUBG.

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