Have You Been Able To Figure Out Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Blurry Menu Section?

A great many interesting details were revealed during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct which recently took place. Among so many things, one specific thing seems to have caught a lot of attention and a fun fact is that it was not even revealed. When the game’s menu was revealed, in which one section of the menu was purposely not shown by the devs.

A section of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate menu was purposely blurred out which got fans thinking what it just might be. The director of the game, Masahiro Sakurai said that the fans will have to wait, for a little while before they reveal, what that blurred part might be.

Have fans ever waited? Also if you tease them in such a way they are definitely going to speculate on it and add as much theory to as they can. At the moment bets are it is possibly a new mode.

So, of course, this was enough reason for the fans to start digging on that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate blurry menu section. All they had was an image, so using that while everyone has been making their own assumptions, one fan went as to decipher that blurred image.

This fan goes by the name “@noctulescent” took to his twitter account and made a post which seems to suggest that apparently, he might have deciphered that blurred image. What he did was zoom into to the image as much as he can, checked out every frame in closer detail than using the enhancing techniques and juxtaposing the image, he was able to deduce what it said.

According to him, the image is showing “‘スピリッツ'” which means “spirits”. Obviously for those who are not familiar with the Japanese language they might not see these Japanese characters as clearly.

So now, what fans are thinking is that this just might be another mode but the possibilities are endless. Also to add that this was a work of a fan so it might turn out to be something else altogether. Teases and secrecy go a long way with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Did you guys know that this game’s development was even top secret? Turns out people at Nintendo, were not aware of it at that time even.