No Man’s Sky Next Experimental Update Is Out To Change The Gameplay, On PC For No

On the second anniversary of the action-adventure game, Hello Games have released the NEXT 1.5 update for No Man’s Sky. This latest update patch is the going to run on PC as a trial. The basis of this No Man’s Sky patch is loosely experimental. However, this patch is going for major gameplay changes since the last biggest update patch.

Although the whole catalog of the 1.5 patch is quite extensive, the USGamer has concisely summed up the updates of No Man’s Sky thoroughly. The highlighted elements have been discussed in this article to single out the significant changes made in the gameplay of No Man’s Sky.

For a start, The cost of launch fuel has been upped, however, the thruster can now be filled with one single canister. Likewise, the recharge rate of a jetpack has been increased while aboard a Space Station. The choice of getting nanites from Buried Technology Modules has also been removed. The farms will now also grow in real-time, which allow them to grow even when you’re away from the game.

The patch has fixed numbers of crashes too regarding the gameplay of No Man’s Sky. For instance freighter crashes have been repaired. Another crash was faced with a borrowed Exocraft in efforts of creating a race track. Similarly, the players were getting stuck during play in some of the cases. To get rid of this The Purge, The Ghost in the Machine, and Weapon Specialist missions have been patched up.

Unwanted repetitions of rewards and dialogues were also fixed to improve the originality of No Man’s Sky gameplay. In the same way, the players were getting trapped in loopholes if they died in the tutorial before the Navigation Data. This issue has now been taken care of in the gameplay.

The normal mode’s base rates for hazard and life support fuel usage are now lesser in No Man’s Sky. Players would also not get shot at by their own ships due to the 1.5 patch.

The full NEXT 1.5 update on No Man’s Sky website has ensured that no stone is left unturned to get rid of any bug from the game. The fans had been pissed at the issues with the game for a while. With the amount of user playing this survival game, every detail is to be looked after. The 1.5 patch was awaited by the users since long and now that its here things might go in favor of Hello Games.
The patch is exclusive for PC and is experimental, hence Xbox and PlayStation users will have to wait for now.