Nintendo Switch Online To Launch in September

For those who have been following the news regarding Nintendo Switch Online Membership, they already knew that September is the month. However, now Nintendo America has announced that it shall launch in the second half of September.

Today on the Nintendo America’s official Twitter account, the company announced the arrival of the service in the second half of September.

The service aims to provide users access to online play and be able to Save Data on the Cloud with compatible games, as well as, access to an ever-expanding library of NES titles.

There have been a few sources which suggested that this online service, will launch on the 30th of September but nothing official is announced for the time being.

It is about time Nintendo brings us a proper online infrastructure. This will also expose a new generation of gamers to classic Nintendo NES games.

Speaking of NES,  the underdog console NES Classic was the best selling console leaving behind PS4, and Xbox One in terms of sales.

But it would be interesting to see where the demand of the machine stands when Switch users get access to Nintendo Switch network that would provide access to NES titles.

In other news, have you heard about the recent hacker discovering VR Settings Menu in Nintendo Switch? It seems like those speculations and rumors of Switch getting a VR headset, might turn out to be true. Still, until the company gives any confirmation we can’t be certain.

So if VR to joins Switch, it definitely suggests that Nintendo is trying hard, to maximize on this console. Perhaps they are trying to surpass or touch Xbox One sales before the next-gen console launches.

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