New Limited Edition PS4 Pro Will Show You The Inner Workings Of The Console

A new, limited edition PS4 Pro console will allow you to look into the inner workings of the console while you play it, with the console and controller’s clear plastic casing. Only 50,000 of these consoles will be made, so if you’d like a PS4 Pro, now might be your best chance.

The console is intended to celebrate the sale of 500 million Playstation consoles since the console originally debuted in 1994. This hasn’t been embodied anywhere more than the Playstation 4 released, as since its 2013 launch it has remained above the Xbox One’s own sales thanks to a combination of greater processing power, less restrictive ownership requirements (initially) and a continually strong lineup of exclusive games.

Various games like Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, The Last Of Us, and more have all garnered rave reviews from critics and given the Playstation 4 a nearly insurmountable lead over the Xbox One, which only has a few time-honored popular classics to go on like Halo and Gears of War, with no real system-sellers among it.

The Limited Edition PS4 Pro console is held within a dark blue transluscent case; while it’s not completely transparent, the lights that turn on in the console while it’s in use will definitely give you a good view of what’s happening, along with the ones inside the actual controller. Along with the dark blue there will be copper decorations in various spots on the controller and console, such as the Playstation logo and the “Options” and “Share” buttons of the controller. The pack will also come with a mono headset.

If you only want the controller to add to your Playstation 4 controller collection it will also be available separately, but you’ll be able to get the full limited edition PS4 Pro console starting August 24, for $499 or your regional equivalent. The controller will be available for $64, and the headset for $84 if you want it.