We Happy Few Combat Guide – Relying On Fists, Manage Joy, Traps, Stealth

Fighting is still a very integral part of We Happy Few after constant updates to the game. We will be giving you many different tips and tricks on how to use stealth, fists, and fury and all of the other minor changes that you can make in order to be more effective when fighting through this We Happy Few Combat Guide.

Our We Happy Few Combat Guide outlines some of the basic tips and tricks which you may not have noticed when fighting other people in We Happy Few.

We Happy Few Combat

These tips are not really describing any of the basics that the game teaches you by itself. Rather, they are some of the minor things which you may not have noticed and they can end up having a massive impact on how successful you are in the game. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the tips and tricks to help you fight all of the delusion that is happiness.

Using Stairs

Stairs are very useful when you are fighting enemies. Use them to dodge attacks from the enemies by getting the enemies on top of the stairs. Walk halfway down to the stairs and you will not be able to take any damage. At this point, simply attack them as much as you can and finish them off.

Using your Fists

Remember that it is best to have your fists as the main weapon during the early stages of the game since they offer the highest amount of damage as compared to the branches and sticks. They also take far less stamina and never break. It is also really hard to dodge by the Wastrels so you will be more effective.

Managing Joy

Have a high joy level when in the residential areas so as to not have any suspicion raised about you by the citizens. Once you are out of the populous areas and move near the Wastrels, try to have a low joy level as they will be angry at you otherwise.

Dressing Up

The way you dress up will have a massive impact on your experience with the other people in the world of We Happy Few. It is best to dress like your surroundings. What I mean is that suits in the city and rags near the abandoned areas work better than anything else as they give you more and more freedom to explore.

Home Sweet Home

Remember that just like GTA, your house is completely safe from everything else. No one can hurt you when you are in your house. You can find a safe house in Wellington Wells as well which has a mechanical and a chemical crafting table.

Finding Traps and Being Stealthy

You can either go around the trap, or you can try to disarm the traps. You can make disarming tools that are used to defuse these traps. If you run into residencies, you should crouch as you make your way there since people will not be able to detect you that easily. Of course, do not do too much of that as the police can be called in if you act too suspicious.

Finding Resources and Supplies

You can find resources in many different places. Berries can be found near the grassy areas and you can search garbage, crates and other storage containers to fill up your stockpile.

That is all we have for our We Happy Few Combat Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!