PUBG Dodgebomb Event is Kicking Off, Grenades, Molotovs, Level 3 Armour And A Frying Pan

A reason for PUBG fans to be excited about, PUBG Dodgebomb Event is scheduled to roll out today at 7 pm PST / 3 am BST tomorrow.

This event is set exclusively, in Erangel with 30 players across three teams. They spawn with 20 frag grenades, a Molotov, level 3 armor and a frying pan.

If you think you will knock down your enemies in PUBG Dodgebomb Event, you should know that knockdowns have been disabled. Adding to that lethal damage will kill you, instantly. According to the devs:

if no team reaches 100 points before the time limit then the team with the most point wins.

Furthermore, in this PUBG Dodgebomb Event weather conditions are fixed, so expect the weather to be sunny. They have also disabled the red zones and switched off the care packages. Making the conditions more interesting is the fact that no weapons or vehicles, shall be spawning in the world whatsoever.

Now, what seems to be is perhaps a bias marketing strategy that North American, European and Asian servers will have the privilege to choose between third and first-person perspective, while everywhere else is locked on TPP.

Talking about marketing and stepping up the level, most would agree that PUBG is trying very hard to make sense of things. Very recently and perhaps under a lot of pressure PUBG launched a PUBG Fix website, which seems to be quite an interesting idea.

The aim of the PUBG Fix site is to keep track of all the issues and bugs, in the game and be able to eradicate them as soon as possible. Having said that the site is now live. Once again, talking about marketing, PUBG mobile seems to be getting items that appear to stem from the recently released action thriller, perhaps for promotional purposes?

So one thing is certain, PUBG Corp is very much intent on investing as much as they can in keeping this most loved game alive for as long as they can and bets are, it just might be the thing of the decade.