God Of War New Game+ Arrives On August 20 With New Additions And Tweaks

Time to go back to God Of War as Sony Santa Monica has officially announced the release date of New Game+ mode for God Of War PS4. The New Game Plus will allow all the players to be a part of an epic journey of a father and son when this mode arrives on August 20th.

This update is absolutely free and it is going to mark the four-month anniversary of the game.

This new God Of War New Game+ is going to allow the payers, who have finished the game already, to play it once again with new additions and tweaks that were not available in their original playthrough.

New Game+ mode will bring all of your items from the first playthrough including armor, enchantments, talismans, resources, and abilities.

The enemies are going be angrier than before and there will be a new level of rarity of equipment and to upgrade to the new tier, you will have to collect a new source called Skap Slag.

This is without a doubt the biggest update yet and it will also allow you to skip cutscenes if you don’t want to waste any time while doing a speedrun.

God Of War was released in April and without any tough competition, it became the fastest selling PS4 exclusive of all time.

This can also be the time for you find out every secret of the game and we are sure that you might be missing a secret which was hidden in front of your eyes all this time.

You can also check out our guide here to witness a secret ending in the game in case you haven’t already.

It’s a great way to play your favorite game once again and knowing that Santa Monica has already started working on a sequel to God Of War PS4, this new mode will keep you busy until any further news arrive.

God Of War PS4 is an action-adventure game developed by Sony Santa Monica exclusively for PlayStation 4.