Dead Cells Bosses Guide – How To Defeat, Boss Tips

Many bosses are available for you to fight in Dead Cells. This Dead Cells Bosses Guide will guide you through the process of fighting 4 different bosses that are very difficult to fight against. Our Dead Cells Bosses Guide will be a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can deal with all of the bosses that are a part of Dead Cells.

Dead Cells Bosses

As we stated before, we will be guiding you through the process of defeating 4 different bosses of the game. The bosses are completely different from one another and the strategy required to defeat them varies by a lot, so be careful as a single misstep may end up costing you massively. Let’s go ahead and take a look at how to deal with the bosses.


Try to collect as many upgrades as you can as they will be needed before the fight begins. Health and Strength are more important than anything else since they are required to get to the Watcher and survive its wrath.

During the first phase, deal damage whenever the boss stops. Avoid damage as much as you can. Watch out for the green boogers shot out whenever the eye of the Watcher turns green. Also, beware of it charging you if you see a red line between you 2.

Soon, you will have to defend yourself until its tentacles are done with you. You need to destroy all of the tentacles before you can deal damage to the boss again.

Keep an eye on the floor to dodge the tentacles and then clear this phase by destroying them. After that, you get to repeat the first phase but the boss is more aggressive. Keep on dealing damage until the tentacles return, but now they are going to charge you as well when they move to the side of the screen. You can also block these tentacles but not the ones that come from the ground.

After that, the third phase begins which has an eye booger storm which sends boogers towards you. You need to avoid them all as well as the damage from the boss. After this, the 3rd tentacle round begins followed by a repeat of the previous phase until the boss is dead.

Incomplete One

The main attack of this boss is a punch right in front of it. You can dodge it by rolling, and then deal as much damage as you can to the boss. Just be near the boss and dodge before attacking. It can also send out the fire but it has a massively long wind up and you can easily dodge it. It can also try to leap up to you but you can easily dodge it.

Remember you can also take damage from it if you are standing next to it and it glows red. This is when he is most dangerous and you need to beware of it. Lastly, watch out for the barrier which makes it immune to damage. Apart from that, it is all about dealing damage whenever you can and finishing it off as soon as possible.


In the beginning, Concierge will try to stab you but you can easily dodge them by going to the other side and then attacking the boss. After some time, it will emit an aura which will damage you when you are near it. It will also have a barrier for a short time and a flame attack that also closes the gap between you so watch out for them.

Try to use your turrets as they will be immune to damage apart from its flame trail attacks. You can also stun the boss and use ice weapons to slow the Concierge down. Also, remember to time your jump to dodge the flame attacks and beware of its shout which will stun you.


Assassin has a total of 7 different skills. Hook and Shuriken throw can be used to throw a hook or 5 shurikens at you to deal damage. It also has a melee slash which attacks you with blades multiple times. Teleport is another skill that can be used to teleport away from you either when he finishes its melee attack or to generally get away from you.

Assassin is also able to close the gap to you using its speed dash and the Shuriken Ring to deal damage from afar. The ring essentially throws the shurikens in all directions rather than a single one. Lastly, he can make swords fall from the sky once his health falls below 45% or less. This is also the time where he becomes much more aggressive and faster.

Try to use the shield to parry attacks rather than use dodge rolls and jumps as they take too much time and they will leave you vulnerable. All the shurikens you parry will be reflected back to deal damage to the boss too.

Try to have the Force Shield and use it when the swords fall from the sky and make sure you stay far away from the Assassin when its ranged attacks are being charged. Lastly, make sure you only use the dodge roll for the speed dash and use tonics to heal yourself rather than potions as they are much faster.

That is all we have for our Dead Cells Bosses Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!