This Video Game Encourages Players to Rape Women

In today’s world, where video games are a sense of fantasized reality, people look up to the games as inspiration to acknowledge the consequences of action.

Many organizations are committed to fighting the immoral acts that are decaying the mind of people. But a contributor of such negative acts are the eroge video games being produced. One such product is a Japanese video game that allows you to rape women.

RapeLey is an addition to a long list of eroge video games produced in Japan. RapeLay is made by Illusion Soft and the plot and gameplay of RapeLay are totally immoral.

This game encourages its player to adapt the sick mentality of abusing women. RapeLay requires the main character of the game to rape a woman and her two children.

The controls of the 3D eroge video game allow players to do cheap actions like touching, groping and stripping off the clothes of women. Moreover, all these actions lead to eventually raping the female characters in the game.

The outcome of playing eroge video games like RapeLay can have serious consequences, allowing players to think raping women is OK. Young minds, especially, can be influenced by such video games.

Much like other eroge video games RapeLay soon faced a ban in the market following the reports of misdemeanors by its players. The sad reality is that such video games make a lot of money in Japan regardless of being banned by the Govt.

Gamers being exposed to such negative content is the last thing we need right now. Hope we can get out of this pit soon and stay away from abuse encouragement or rape enforcing. Video games are already under fire for allegedly inciting violence among teenagers.

Video game addiction is another issue we are facing so on top of this having games that promote rape should not be tolerated. Thankfully, distribution of these video games is strictly monitored outside of Japan.