Beware Of Fake Nintendo Switch Knock Off Controllers

Nintendo Switch is a very popular device and it is not surprising that third-party accessory makers are jumping on board in order to get a piece of the pie and make some money. While there are official Nintendo partners in the market, there are cheaper knock-off products available as well and they try their best to look like official Nintendo Switch products.

Fake Nintendo Switch knock-off controllers are a perfect example of cheap products that can easily be mistaken for official Nintendo products. Th cheaper price tag might seem tempting but do not be fooled, you are getting what you have paid for.

Nintendo Switch

The “Wireless Pro Controller Gamepad Joypad Remote For Nintendo Switch,” listed on Ebay go for 19 Euros or $22. These controllers look much the line real thing and even the backing is pretty much the same with the same text and color scheme. These controllers do not have any third-party branding on them which might give you a hint that these are fake but then again there are companies that don’t shy away from mentioning their name of the products, so you will need to be careful either way.

Remember that the original Nintendo Switch controller costs $70 and you can get if from pretty much anywhere. If the price is lower then there is something fishy, unless Nintendo has a special promotional discount or something similar. Some sellers on eBay have great ratings and are still selling these controllers. The high rating is not an indication of how good the controllers are and I would recommend that you get the real thing and try not to take any risk with these cheaper controllers.

Nintendo had the best selling console in June and it was not the Switch. Furthermore, it is possible that Skyrim mods might be coming to the Nintendo Switch. That is something that fans have been asking for but I am not sure how well the hardware is going to handle that. If you are interested in getting a new controller then you can also check out the limited edition Splatoon pro controller.

Let us know what you think about these fake Nintendo Switch knock-off controllers and whether or not you have used on, or have been ripped off.