First Clips Of NBA 2K19 Gameplay Shown In New “Take The Crown” Trailer

If you’re a sports game fan that’s been looking forward to the release of NBA 2K19, then you’re in luck. EA Sports has released a new trailer for the game known as “Take The Crown” that shows off a lot of NBA 2K19 gameplay, and it actually looks pretty good.

While the trailer is only around a minute long, it does give us a good look at the various visuals in the game and spotlights a number of the star players that we’ll be encountering such as LeBron James, who is the player challenging gamers to “take the crown” in order to supplant him as one of the best players in the NBA.

NBA 2K19 looks good so far, and considering how good NBA 2K18 looked when it came out, it will likely look just as good if not better than its predecessor. Considering how sports games normally go, the game will also have a number of different mechanics and game modes as well, but being familiar enough that anyone can still get into it.

We haven’t learned very much about the gameplay of the game, whether we’re getting a similar mode to My Neighborhood or an expanded MyCareer mode, or how much microtransactions will figure into the game, which had previously caused criticism in NBA 2K18, which got a lot of criticism for the amount of microtransactions in the game.

The NBA 2K19 gameplay trailer helps to show just how far the game’s graphics have come. The models for the different players look great and almost photorealistic, not to mention how good the game in general looks with the lighting, textures, the crowd, and everything else.

If you want to watch the NBA 2K19 gameplay trailer for yourself, you can look further up at the top of the article. The game comes out in September 11 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.