Is No Man’s Sky Testing The Nerves Of Its Fans? Another Major Bug Found

Just when No Man’s Sky was about to change everyone’s opinions, a major bug sweeps away the opportunity. In the recently released new update NEXT, a major bug has appeared which is causing them a lot of hassle.

Numerous reports have surfaced over the social media and especially on the No Man’s Sky subreddit page. Apparently, if your ships appear to be shooting at themselves then you are not alone.

One of the players who encountered this issue took to Reddit and said:

I am using a starship from a save file prior to NEXT and sometimes it’ll start taking damage when I fire. My friend watching from his character, said it looked like my ship was shooting itself.
I was able to stop this temporarily by taking a portal, but it started happening shortly after. Is there any way to make it stop?

No Man’s Sky is one of those games that exhibits a lot of disappointment but also shows, a great potential for being a successful game.

If you have laid eyes on the recently updated Steam Charts of the game, then you will agree to the fact that this game saw a downward spiral in terms of its player base.

When the game rolled out it had a seemingly reasonable concurrent fan base but following that the player base kept on falling but along the way. The highest ever players this game had was back when it rolled out, at that time it had 212,321 peak players.

Following that the fan based kept on falling then the devs started rolling out various updates for the game, which seems to be the reason why NMS came back into the limelight with 96,954 peak players in last 30 days.

However, various bugs and issues have been pretty common and to be honest are pretty natural but it seems like whenever No Man’s Sky starts to see better days, it finds itself in a wormhole like this latest bug.

Let’s hope that it works out and the devs are able to pluck out such issues because, to be honest, this game is pretty much at the last straw. A few more agitating bugs and the fans just might lose their interest for good.

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