Dying Light 2 Weapons Might Be Customizable According To Instagram Post

A recent Instagram post has dropped a hint that Dying Light 2 weapons might be customizable, as we’ve been told that we’ll have more control over what weapons do and how they look. While this isn’t a confirmation of customizable weapons, it would definitely help to mix up the game’s weapon mechanics.

The previous Dying Light game had something of an interesting weapon system, allowing you to wield not only guns but a wide variety of melee and other ranged weapons as well. Upgrading them with certain components could help you add such things as electric or fire damage, and if we’re getting customizable weapons then we could likely do a great deal more with them in Dying Light 2.

Customization and no two playthroughs being the same thing are apparently going to be a large part of Dying Light, as players have already been told at E3 that various decisions you make during the game’s main quest and sidequests can change the way your post-apocalyptic settlement ends up operating, such as being safer but more oppressive or being more open but with more violence.

Other things aside from Dying Light 2 weapons that were shown in the Instagram post include the ability to use our parkour skills in combat, and you’ll also have to use your parkour skills a great deal to solve puzzles and reach hard-to-reach places. But considering weapons are the biggest part of Dying Light along with parkour, there’s no telling what all we’ll be able to make our weapons do.

To see the actual Instagram post that talked about Dying Light 2 weapons, you can find it by going to the official Dying Light Instagram page. We have no real idea of when Dying Light 2 will be coming out, but it will likely be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, hopefully in 2019.