Surprising Gameplay Reveals For Devil May Cry 5 At PAX West

Capcom is going to be presenting a panel at the upcoming 2018 Penny Arcade Expo West gaming event. However, the Capcom panel will take place at the Wyvern Theatre.

The panel is reserved for the 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm time slot on 31 August, Friday. The Director of Devil May Cry 5, Hideaki Itsuno along with Michiteru Okabe and Matthew Walker, the producers will be flying in from Osaka. All these folks are coming all the way from Japan to unveil gameplay features for Devil May Cry 5.

To disclose the all-new updates Charlene Ingram will also be joining the panel as the Director of Brand Marketing at Capcom USA.

The panel will most likely focus on in-depth discussion about Nero. Nero’s “Devil Breaker” arms have been the talk of the town. PAX West will surely tell us more about the new robotic arms of Nero in Devil May Cry 5.

Apart from the Nero updates, the panel would also talk over the whys and wherefores to justify the “Smokin’ Sick Stylish” game. Furthermore, the developers have teased a bunch of special surprises in the PAX West panel for the Devil May Cry 5 features unveiling.

The event will go live on August 31 with the whole schedule pinned on the official website of the event. However, the full Devil May Cry 5 game is expected sometime in the spring of 2019. The action-adventure video game will be available on PC, Xbox, and PS4 platforms.

Devil May Cry 5 has had a huge demand for a long time and the latest title is going to be a treat to watch no matter how the gameplay turns out. The reason behind that is the followers of this series in the gaming community have been asking for it in the past with much regard. Still, the expectations are high from Capcom to deliver the best installment of the series yet. Capcom has been working the best of their efforts to bring a realistic gaming experience for the fans.