PUBG Corp. Outlines Roadmap For “FIX PUBG” Campaign, First Patch Now Live

While PUGB might be one of the most popular games out there, or at least it was, but it isn’t a perfect game by any means with technical issues and bugs plaguing the game. However, developer PUBG Corp is determined to fix the game and has revealed a roadmap for Fix PUBG.

According to the developers, they have been listening to player feedback about fixing the game and for that purpose, they have started the FIX PUBG campaign that will see the developers rolling out updates to fix critical PUBG issues.

Not only that, the developer has noted that the fixes rolled for the PC version of the game, as part of the FIX PUBG campaign, will “naturally be carried over to the Xbox version of the game as well”.

PUBG Corp has noted that it has set up a microsite that the studio will be “updating it regularly as the campaign progresses”.

The first patch for FIX PUBG campaign has been rolled out today that brings fixes along with the quality of life improvements.

  • Limb penetration will be implemented (if a player model’s hands or limbs are blocking a more vital area, bullets will now deal full damage for that area).
  • Graphics “sharpening” will be added as separate toggle in the settings.
  • You’ll be able to mute individual teammates while in-game.
  • Quality-of-life improvements are coming to colorblind mode.
  • Quality-of-life improvements are also coming to loot stack splitting (more control).
  • Vehicle sounds will be reduced when driving in first-person perspective.
  • You’ll be able to adjust your FPS cap (including by setting it to “uncapped”).
  • You’ll also be able to set your in-game FPS cap and lobby FPS cap separately.

Speaking of the game, recently SuperData released the stats for the game for the month of June revealing that the game has sold 4.7 million units in the month of June on PC alone.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer battle royale title developed by PUBG Corp for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Steam