IGN Has Fired Miucin Over Dead Cells Review Plagiarism

IGN has been in the news a lot lately since the launch of Dead Cells when they plagiarized a review of the game. IGN has now deleted the review and released a statement discussing what they have done after investigating.

This whole issue started when Youtuber BoomStick Gaming uploaded a video calling out IGN for copying his work and in the video, he proved that there are definite similarities. The video was spread all across the internet and IGN did take notice, mentioning that they are going to investigate it.

After investigating the matter deeply, IGN has now released a statement revealing that they have parted ways with Miucin and have apologized to BoomStick Gaming and the developers of the game.

Though we as a community often share feelings and even certain word choices to describe the games we love by using similar frames of understanding, this particular situation stepped over the line and is not a reflection of our editorial standards. We apologize to our readers, developer Motion Twin, and most especially the YouTuber known under Boomstick Gaming for failing to uphold those standards.

Peer Schneider also mentioned that the team has talked to BloomStick Gaming to compensate him.

Filip Miucin was one of the most prominent people at IGN and he was hired as a Nintendo Editor, he also did the famous Nintendo Voice Chat podcast.

What does this mean for Miucin’s career? Nothing can be said for sure but this situation is expected to have a major impact on his future in the gaming industry. We all make mistakes and publications over end up in such situations. We hope this doesn’t end his career as a video game journalist.