AJ Styles Releases WWE 2K19 AJ Styles Screenshots In First New Images

If you’ve been looking for a sneak peek at what we can expect from WWE 2K19, then look no further. AJ Styles himself has started to release a number of AJ Styles screenshots in the first new images of the upcoming game. WWE 2K19 will be the most recent WWE game.

AJ Styles, as the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, is probably in one of the best positions to promote the game, even over John Cena, who he took the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from. Hence, as one of the faces of the WWE right now, one can only assume he’s in the best position to promote the game.

The WWE 2K games have actually been spotty for the past few iterations, with a number of different problems including bugs and more often meaning that they get mixed or only “generally” positive reviews. While their graphics are always impressive and the characters you can create with the game’s character creator are always good for a laugh, technical problems and bare-bones mechanics often cause the games to suffer in quality.

While hopefully the AJ Styles screenshots are part of an indication that WWE 2K19 will be able to be better than any of the different WWE 2K games before it, there’s no telling of how the game will come out when it goes gold. While the game could look like the best thing ever, if it doesn’t play well, and isn’t stable enough that you can play for an extended time without crashing or running into a game breaking bug, then it won’t get good reviews.

You can look at the first of the WWE 2K19 AJ styles screenshots by going to AJ Styles’s Twitter page, and he’ll be posting more over the next few days between now and when the game comes out. The game itself releases on October 9 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.