Uncharted 4 In First Person Mode Really Stuck Some Emotional Nerves

The much loved Uncharted 4, recently got a cutscene video in a first-person mode and it seems to have caught the eye of every fan. The Uncharted 4 In First Person Mode video was released by a fan who seems to have successfully moded this very scene.

As you may see in the video that the rendering of facial animation has increased quite significantly. Now since the cutscene is from the ending of the game. So that too seems to be the reason for the fans to be all emotional about.

The modder goes by the name “thekempy”, who altered among other few things the limited 3rd person view, which was featured in the original game, into an intimate focused first-person camera. Which has allowed the audience to take an, even more, deeper dive into the emotional connection of the game?

We see Nathan Drake in the living room, having dinner with this wife Elena. However in this Uncharted 4 In First Person mode video we see the player’s gaze locking with that of the protagonist, which seems to take the fans a little more closer to the facial animations of Elena.

Honestly, the results are actually amazing and apparently, it is not only us who see this amazing take on the game, others to have highlighted this sudden emotional rollercoaster as well.

There is a reason for such a big emotional attachment, with this game other than the fact that it was amazing in terms of visual quality and gameplay, the game was pretty much a masterpiece.

Nailing down various awards like DICE as well as other awards, over various aspects of the game and putting a nail in the coffin, by winning Game of the Year at BAFTA. This game really settled in on every heart.

After seeing this Uncharted 4 In First Person mode video? What is your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.