League of Legends Is Getting Two New Champions, Make Your Guess

Recently, Ryan Mireles a.k.a. Reav3, the Lead Producer of League of Legends Champions recorded modifications in several characters such as Kayle, Nunu, Morgana, and Ezreal. Meanwhile, hints were dropped indicating towards additions of two new champions in the League of Legends.

Although the information on hand is very less about the upcoming characters of League of Legends a very limited amount of hints have still been dropped. All we know as of now about the two additions is that both are going to be out with gaps in between their launch.

The first champion is reportedly going to be “a rather colorful mage”. The Champion Roadmap on the official website refers to the character with a couple of flowers and a pitch of light being cut by a blade. While the sword recalls the memory of Leona the flowers point towards Ionia. As we speculate there is much long much long left till it actually comes out. The next champion has even less information to guess about. All the Lead Producer wanted to reveal was that the second “champion is locked away in sight and no release date is in sight” yet.

The announcement also confirmed that the next up for reworks in the League of Legends Champions is Nunu. Certain abilities of the character are being altered to them to match in accordance with the updated world of League of Legends. However, Ryan Mireles assured that the renowned ultimate consume along with the E of the character would be upheld to preserve his true essence.

While conversing the reworks subject the name of Ezreal also came up where Mireles established that Ezreal’s W, and especially Essence Flux would be changed for the better. To enhance the gaming experience of Ezreal players the developers are looking forward to even redoing the voiceover for the character. Such modifications tend to bring life to even the most visualized fantasy characters.

Furthermore, Reav3 acknowledged the sustainability issues with Kayle’s character. Similarly, Morgana’s character looks to be in good shape. Therefore Morgana won’t be modified on a bigger scale. On the other hand, Kayle is going to go through extensive changes.

Developers, Riot Games have always been open to upgrading the battle arena game to improve the experience of the gaming community.

These new champions seem like another adventurous experiment and we just hope that whatever release whether they are patches or skins etc work out in the ends.