IGN Removes Dead Cells Review After Being Accused Of Plagiarism

Dead Cells is a very famous and successful rogue-like Metroidvania game which happens to get really positive reviews from everyone. One of the publishers to review Dead Cells was IGN who reviewed the game in a detailed video but it is now removed following the accusations of plagiarism from a Youtuber.

A small Youtube channel called Boomstick Gaming made an in-depth comparison video of his Dead Cells review with IGN’s. The review by IGN was done by¬†Filip Miucin who’s an old writer of IGN.

Boomstick Gaming has made a 4-minute long video in which he points out the similarities between the two till the end and after watching the video, we have to believe that there’s indeed uncanny resemblance between the two.

Boomstick Gaming uploaded his review last week as compared to IGN who published it yesterday in a written and video form.

IGN has now removed the review of the game and they have released a statement mentioning how seriously they take plagiarism and that they are investigating the matter