New Hunter X Hunter Mobile Game Is Being Released By Chinese Tencent Devs

A new Hunter X Hunter mobile game is apparently in the works at Tencent, allowing fans of the popular anime the ability to play as some of their favorite characters on a quest that will follow the entire series up to its current point in the manga through a story mode.

Hunter X Hunter is the story of a young boy named Gon, whose greatest dream is to become a Hunter, a special, elite individual who is picked for some of the most dangerous missions on Earth, traveling to exotic locales to hunt down dangerous criminals or discover well-hidden treasure. Gon’s objective as a Hunter is to be able to find his father Greg, but there’s a lot he’ll have to get through before he can get that far.

Thankfully he won’t do it alone, even in the Hunter X Hunter mobile game. Characters like his friends Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika will also be helping him on his journey, which sees him facing off against a number of different threats during his Hunter Exams. Along with that, you’ll be able to make a special character of your own, putting you in a major role in the game’s story.

Gameplay for the new Hunter X Hunter mobile game makes it look like a straight beat-em-up, where players control characters as they make their way across different levels fighting off a number of different threats with the help of a large number of abilities that can increase in number and strength as the game goes on.

So far the game has been confirmed for Android and iOS use, but in China only. There’s no word of whether or not it will actually make it to a worldwide release, but hopefully there’s enough of a worldwide audience to make a Hunter X Hunter mobile game profitable enough to release in the West.