Hideo Kojima Made The Developers of Death Stranding Watch “Twin Peaks”

The famous and the most respected director in the gaming world, Hideo Kojima is a big fan of movies and TV Shows. He’s also a big fan and admires the work of David Lynch. He looks very impressed by his season called “Twin Peaks” and that’s why he decided to watch it together with Kojima Productions.

This working week at the studio began with Kojima productions watching the first three episodes of “Twin Peaks”. Kojima shared this on Twitter and he also said that here’s no linking in between the game and the season but he wanted his staff to see the art of direction and get inspired by it as it’s a great source of inspiration for Hideo Kojima while creating a masterpiece like Death Stranding.

It was certainly an interesting start of the week as Kojima also distributed KJP cap to the staff which is really cool looking. Though the full season will not be shown at the studio and Kojima has suggested that those who liked it should watch the full season. This just tells us how much big of a fan he is of the movies and TV Shows.

Hideo Kojima has indeed mastered the art of direction and thanks to his deep interest in the movies and TV shows due to which we have an amazing cast of characters in the game. The amazing cast in the game includes Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, Lea Seydoux from Spectre, Mads Mikkelsen from Doctor Strange and Lindsay Wagner from The Bionic Woman who was really hard to cast but it also made her cry while doing so.

The cast doesn’t stop there, a famous comedian and actor from Silicon Valley, Kumail Nanjiani is also rumored to be joining the cast by playing a cameo in the game.

Hideo Kojima seems to be very interested and inspired by movies, making him more open to new ideas than ever and maybe that’s is why we are getting Death Stranding in the future which is one of the most mysterious games in the gaming industry.