Halo TV Series Will Star Master Chief In a Leading Role

Showtime’s panel at the TCA press tour was asked about whether Master Chief will be a part of the Halo TV series. Network President, David Nevins, and Programming President, Gary Levine confirmed that the renowned Spartan-II is going to be in the cast of the Halo TV series.

Moreover, it was further established that Master Chief will be portraying a leading role of the Halo TV series, not just a cameo.

Furthermore, Gary Levine discussed the true essence of the show, saying that Halo TV series is going to have a totally original story.

The script will not be adopted from any prior versions. Levine also hinted towards a more in-depth interpretation while referring to get under the thick Spartan armor. So, we can expect the series to be filled with drama and action.

Halo series is famous for its Sci-Fi clashes which are capable of lifting you from your seats. This would be a challenging task for the TV series to be able to carry the legacy as good as the video game franchise. However, producers are ready for this task. Levine acknowledged the legacy of Halo by stating:

“It is a new story but we are being incredibly respectful of the canon, we are working with the Microsoft/343 people to make sure we don’t violate any of that.”

As the production is unfolding details one by one, fans are feeling content that the Halo TV series is being made afterall. Reports have been continuously flying in previously, about the celebrated director Steven Spielberg, Showtime and 343 Industries are collaborating for the Halo TV series project. For years fans have been looking forward to it and now finally things are starting to shape up for the Halo TV series.

Source: GameSpot