Final Fantasy 15 Sales Reach A Breathtaking 7.7 Million Mark

On the official Japanese site of Square Enix’s product info page, for Final Fantasy it has been revealed that the Final Fantasy 15 Sales have reached 7.7 million worldwide.

Which is pretty amazing but apparently this achievement, should not come as much of a shocker since we all know how amazing and brilliant this game is.

With so much game content, especially for the PC version and especially the mods, things really stepped up in terms of sales. To be honest, although the game is good as it is but bets were that it would not be reaching, its goal of 10 million sales, aimed by the company.

Yes, if you have not heard, Square Enix aims to take the Final Fantasy 15 Sales all the way to 10 million. Which at that time felt like a difficult task, even with the appreciations but now based on the numbers it seems like a very much reachable target.

However, they will have to keep rolling out updates and newer mods if they want to reach their lucky number, that is for sure.

If you guys would remember, Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition rolled out in March and it was as the director of the game said it would be, a generation ahead of consoles. Which it was and so this too adds to the hype of the game which ultimately landed more sales.

As you may know that Final Fantasy 15 rolled out back in November 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 then Final Fantasy 15 windows edition rolled out in March this year, after a long wait. So it landing on PC too served as a background force for these amazing Final Fantasy 15 Sales number.

That said you can check out more details about this game at the official Japanese website, as well.

With all that said, what are your thoughts about the game? Do you think that Square Enix will be able to reach their target of 10 million? Let us know in the comments below.