First Cyberpunk 2077 Impression Arrives

The creator of Cyberpunk 2020, Mike Pondsmith, got a chance to play the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 and after playing he was speechless. However, he was able to muster up some words to define the experience.

Pondsmith, as you may know, has been working closely with CD Projekt Red on this game. He met up with the team in Poland and got the opportunity to check out the game.

He shared his views about the game and as you can guess the game is just brilliant. Referring to the sequences when we go down to Ripperdoc, Mike Pondsmith said:

There’s entire neighborhood areas in there where you can walk around and you can listen to people’s gossip. Because it’s in first-person, what I love is you get that stuff peripherally. You could be crossing to go down the street to get something and hear somebody say something [behind you], and you have to turn and figure out who said it in a crowd and where. You don’t have complete situational awareness, which makes it a far more powerful experience.

So his views seem to have incited a lot of hype among fans and why not, the interaction of the world from what Pondsmith has said, seems to be just amazing. Certainly, all of the fans are waiting to get their hands on the game, which is pretty far off.

Since he mentioned the first-person, on a side note it is to be added that according to the quest Designer Patrick Mills, the first person in this game is to give more immersive perspective experience to the players.

However, what Pondsmith said at the start rang another bell in our years,

I got to wander through a lot more than was shown at E3.

Did anyone notice that apparently everyone seems to be getting the piece of the action related to Cyberpunk 2077 except fans, how convenient is that? Like fans, only get to hear the various fortunate few, getting in on the hottest details about the game.

Like on E3 2018 while we were only teased with the game, some lucky few got a chance to check out the game demo behind closed doors. Following the behind, closed doors meeting nothing much was revealed about it, which left the audience in an agitated state.

Like the recent news regarding the game making its way on Gamescom 2018, there was so much hype for it, unfortunately, the devs recently confirmed that there will be no public both for this upcoming game.

So although you will be hearing more details about the game, you can be sure that the devs won’t be letting you in on the good stuff anytime soon.