2 Players Have Hidden Bitcoin In The World Of No Man’s Sky, How?

Despite being a failure at launch, No Man’s Sky brings such a huge map which consists of more than 18 quintillions of planets, which has turned out to be a heaven for the hackers who have managed to hide Bitcoin in the game.

This might be really good for the developers and also the players as Hello Games, the publisher of the game has released a new update offering multiplayer for the first time in the game which has brought a lot of players back. Since the return, two brothers have decided to hide a small amount of Bitcoin in the game in its huge map.

Jon Creasy has mentioned that if you find the below locations, you can win 0.004 BTC or $30 at the current rate. It was hard for him to offer money to the players but still, he hopes that these Bitcoins will make players search the game and gather cryptocurrency. They are not going to stop there as they intend to hide Bitcoin in other games as well.

As for the game,  No Man’s Sky is back in action with their new updates and features. The efforts of Hello Games have definitely paid off as most of the reviews on Steam about the game are mostly positive.

Various game updates of No Man’s Sky have brought it from mixed reviews to mostly positive and players seem to be appreciating the developers who have fixed their own mistakes and how they never gave up on it.

No Man’s Sky has also reached the highest number of concurrent players in the game since its launch in 2016 and it seems just the beginning as developers are going to keep listening to the community to make it a remarkable experience which it couldn’t achieve at launch.

Seeing Bitcoin in a game is definitely surprising and a move which will also help cryptocurrency rise back. It will also make the games more fun to play and exploring knowing that you can earn some free Bitcoins by playing the game you like.