We Want These 10 Dance Emotes in Fornite ASAP

Fortnite is the most trending game of the year and one of the reasons of it being a hit is because of the emotes in the game which can make you stand out from others, dance to your favorite steps, to taunt enemies or even your teammates.

Epic Games always brings us some exclusive and new dancing emotes that we love but there are still some which we want to be added to the game in 2018 and even you won’t want to miss trying them out in the game.

WWE Trademarks

It’s definitely going to be really fun to see “You Can’t See Me” of John Cena being used in Fortnite and there’s a huge list of WWE Superstars which can make their way to Fortnite with their famous In-ring taunts like Woo-Woo.

King Kong

We hope that you have seen the world famous movie featuring King Kong, so pulling off his move right after you get the Victory Royale will be the best reaction and also will make you a total badass.

These are just a few, if you want to see more then you should watch the video above to see which epic dance emotes should make their way to Fortnite in 2018.