Tekken 7 Season 2 Getting a Touch of The Walking Dead, Negan Confirmed

Time to head back to Tekken 7 as a lot of new content is going to arrive very soon. Tekken 7 season 2 is going to bring some big new characters to the game including Negan from the Walking Dead.

The new season in Tekken 7 also marks the return of  Veteran fighters like Lei Wulong and Anna Williams but the biggest and unexpected surprise is definitely Negan the famous The Walking Dead show.

These new characters of the game were announced in a trailer by director Katsuhiro Harada and game designer Michael Murray during Tekken 7 finals at EVO 2018. Total of six new characters will join the roster and three remaining are unannounced yet.

Anna Williams has been a part of Tekken franchise since the beginning and she’s the sister of Nina Williams and also the bodyguard of Kazuya Mishima. Lei is also going to return to the game with his snake, leopard, dragon, and tiger fighting styles.

According to Bandai Namco, Tekken 7’s season 2 pass is going to arrive soon on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch the trailer below to witness Negan and all the characters returning to the game.