FIFA Ultimate Player Finds Out That He Spent 16k In Just 2 Years

After the controversy of loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2, everyone seemed to be on the right path with games like Anthem and Battlefield 5 declaring that there will not be any loot boxes but EA seems to stick to their plan especially with FIFA Ultimate Team which is one of the main sources of their earnings.

2017 was a crucial year for EA with games like Battlefront 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda 2 but still, it was the record financial year for the company because of the Ultimate Team which brought so much money, thanks to the expensive card packs.

One FIFA Ultimate player even requested GDPR to get personal information from EA and he received two massive PDFs which contained over 100 pages containing 10 audio files of customer support calls and more but most surprising and shocking for him was to know that he spent $16,154 in just 2 years proving how much EA earns from a single player.

Michael said:

“I took the time to talk to my other half about this, We have a healthy disposable income but you can imagine my shock that over the past two years, I had given EA just over $10,000. If anything, the data EA has provided me has made me realise that FIFA Points are just not worth it and $10,000 will be better spent over the next two years.”

EA has always defended their FIFA Ultimate Team and even mentioned it as a choice of play meaning if we don’t want to spend then we can simply avoid it which also questions the limited amount of content in the game which is really disappointing to be coming from EA after the backlash in 2017.

Many countries have labeled Ultimate Team as gambling and thus banned it but EA doesn’t believe that all as EA Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Wilson said “evaluated and established that programs like FIFA Ultimate Team are not gambling.

Currently, there is no counter to the Ultimate Team packs so you can simply choose to avoid playing the Ultimate Team to prevent any further losses because it’s going to stay as EA seems to be stubborn with this matter.