EA Is Introducing Inventive Features For The FIFA 19 Kick-Off Mode

Along the course of development in the franchise of FIFA games, many efforts have been put into providing cutting-edge features and precise gameplay techniques. For years we have witnessed many transformations in FIFA games, however, one fundamental but mostly ignored feature of FIFA regarding upgrades has been the Kick-Off Mode. All this is going to change in FIFA 19 as the Kick-Off Mode is getting an ingenious update.

In FIFA 19 the developers have decided to completely redesign the Kick-Off Mode like never before. FIFA 19 Kick-Off Mode with the backing of inventive features is going to set itself beside the likes of Manager Mode and Ultimate Team. Finally, the FIFA 19 will have changes for the Kick-Off mode to boast.

The most radical change in the exhibition mode of FIFA games to date is the “house rules” setting. It provides freedom of play to a genuinely customized level. Players can choose the “first to” mode which declares the win to whoever scores the first goal. The match is decided on the first and the only goal scored no matter the time of the goal. Similarly, the survival mode would allow users to play in a format unlike before where the team that scores will lose one of its players randomly for each time they score a goal in a 5-a-side contest. Another setting permits to score aerial goals only whether they are scored from headers or volleys.

Another impressive feature in the Kick-Off mode of FIFA 19 is the detailed catalog of matches history. Logins will allow the system to keep track of the slightest details in records of players against each other. Such details would include specifics like the exact position on the field from where you repeatedly score against a certain player.

The most tempting change in the exhibition mode of FIFA 19 would undoubtedly rule out the boringly restarted friendly matches which don’t really keep the excitement up for long. To wipe away this mood the option is being given to start your match in a specified setting. It is up to the players whether they want their exhibition match to be the Champions League Final or a regular league match. Moreover, the choice to set a group stage fixture or home and away legs will also be available.

The system of FIFA 19 supports a balancing approach which allows starting the match with an already set score. Further, the AI system maintains the fairness of the game meaning it won’t be easier to play or win against smaller teams.

At the end of the day, the FIFA 19 Kick-Off Mode has been significantly restructured to entice the fans further into the beautiful game. This only goes on to show how the FIFA games are going through dynamic changes by each passing year.