World Of Warcraft Players Protesting In-Game By Removing Their Armor Piece For Varok Saurfang

World Of Warcraft players are protesting against the most recent plot development and they are protesting in-game. Players are removing their armor piece to honor Varok Saurfang, who questioned Sylvanas over torching the night elf stronghold Teldrassil, the World Tree.

World Of Warcraft players are removing their in-game shoulder armor, inspired by a young troll and Varok Saurfang himself, to show solidarity with Varok Saurfang in the latest World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth expansion.

However, World Of Warcraft players aren’t removing it entirely as they can’t forego the stats that come with the shoulder armor piece.

Instead, players are using transmogrification to hide the shoulder armor piece.

The reason why World Of Warcraft players are doing it because in the cinematic after Sylvanas torched the night elf stronghold, Saurfang threw off his shoulder armor piece in disgust while talking to a young troll.

Saurfang then proceeded to fight-off a big Alliance encampment and presumably to die with honor.

World Of Warcraft players have taken an issue with all this and to show their support for Varok Saurfang, they are removing their shoulder armor price in-game.

Not only that, one player named Riizu has started a movement titled “Shoulders For Saurfang” with the in-game community and at Discord.

He stated to Kotaku that he already has the support of 150 players for his movement over at Doscird while 400 members exist as in-game community members.

It must be clear to Blizzard that their recent choices with Sylvanas, and the Horde as a whole, aren’t well-received and that perhaps these choices are meant to intentionally incite more faction loyalty. The hope is that Shoulders For Saurfang can be a launch point for that. I hope that SFS can provide players a way to positively share their opinions and draw excitement to the expansion.

Furthermore, “Shoulders For Saurfang” will be hosting an in-game event on August 7 that will see players marching from Horde capital Orgrimmar to Alliance territory Darkshore.

Not only that, members of the Alliance are also welcome to join the in-game event. “Cooperation and growth for both factions is a major theme. I’d love to see SFS echo that sentiment.”

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Source: Kotaku