Uplink Mode Returning In Black Ops 4? A Glitch In Beta Hints

Black Ops 4 Beta is now available exclusively for PS4 owners, revealing a lot of details about the game. As always every Beta comes with glitches and bugs so one found in Black Ops 4 has revealed that the Uplink mode is going to return in Black Ops 4.

Uplink is one of the most played game modes in Call Of Duty games. It first appeared in Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare which involved EXO suits, which you could use to jump really high and score a point in Uplink. While in Black Ops 4, it will be really interesting to see how this works as it’s back to Call Of Duty roots by being boots on the ground game.

This information was revealed by a glitch which is appearing to some players playing the domination mode. At some point in the game, an icon appears for Uplink ball revealing that it’s hidden somewhere in the game and we know what that could really mean. Though it’ll be really interesting to see how we will be able to play it without using EXO Suits.

There’s no confirmation yet so take it with a grain of salt. Black Ops 4 Beta is now available for PS4 owners and the second beta of the game for both Xbox One and PS4 will start on August 10 followed by PC on 11.

It’s huge and going to take 33 GB on your PlayStation 4 and you might want to keep it downloaded because this multiplayer Beta of the game will automatically turn into Blackout Beta when it launches sometime in the upcoming days.

Treyarch is ready to take a step in right direction with Black Ops 4 and the Beta of the game has been received well by the community. The weapons are very well balanced and the new healing system is fun to use but will take some time for everyone to get used to it.